May 15, 1920 Vol. 12 The Divine Will forms the complete crucifixion in the soul.  I was lamenting to my sweet Jesus, telling Him: ‘Where are your promises? No more cross, no more likeness to You. Everything has vanished - there is nothing left for me but to cry over my painful end.’ And Jesus, moving, told me in my interior: My daughter, my crucifixion was complete, and do you know why? Because It was done in the Eternal Will of my Father. In this Will, the Cross became so long and so wide as to embrace all centuries, and penetrate into every heart, past, present and future, in such a way that I remained crucified in the heart of each creature. This Divine Will put nails through all of my interior – into my desires, into my affections and into my heartbeats. I can say that I did not have a life of my own, but the Life of the Eternal Will, which enclosed all creatures within Me, and which wanted Me to answer for all.  My crucifixion could never have been complete and so extensive as to embrace all, if the Eternal Volition had not been the Actor. I want that in you also the crucifixion be complete and extended to all. This is the reason for the continuous call into my Will, for pushing you to bring the whole human family before the Supreme Majesty, and to emit, in the name of all, the acts which they do not do. Oblivion of yourself and lack of self-reflections are nothing other than the nails put by my Will. My Will does not know how to do small or incomplete things. Forming a circle around the soul, It wants her within Itself; and spreading her within the whole sphere of Its Eternal Volition, It puts the seal of Its completion upon her. My Will empties the interior of the creature of all that is human, and places in her all that is divine. And in order to be more sure, It keeps on sealing all of her interior with as many nails for as many human acts as can have life in the creature, substituting them with as many divine acts.  In this way, It forms the true crucifixion in her - not for a time, but for her entire life.

May 15, 1920 Vol. 12 The Divine Will forms the complete crucifixion in the soul. 

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