The Living Flame of Love.  St. John of the Cross.
 These are the words of one
   who is set all-on –fire with the love of God.
   When we are like this
   We know ourselves to be separated from God
   only by a light veil.
   So we can speak to the Flame ,which is the Holy Spirit,
   asking to be taken from this life
   in order to experience the joy and glory of eternal bliss.

Human persons are not to be understood merely from the perspective of their past histories or from that isolated moment that we refer to as the present.  They are oriented towards their future, and only it permits who they really are to appear completely.  (1John 3:2).  We must always see in other human beings persons with whom we shall one day share God's joy.  We must look upon them as persons who are called, together with us, to be members of the Body of Christ, with whom we shall one day sit at table with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and with Christ Himself, as their brothers and sisters, as the brothers and sisters of Christ, and as the children of God.

Our divine nature